Redevelopment of 3 Parks

There are some green spaces developed by the Sagar Municipal Corporation in Sagar city. However, there are many green spaces available in the town, which are not usable by the town-dwellers due to lack of basic infrastructure, like pathways, lighting, play equipment etc. These can function as important community spaces; provide opportunity for physical activity and also to improve the green cover in the town by providing adequate planting. Since the Sagar city has been selected as a Smart city and as per smart city proposals, there are some recreational projects to be executed in the city which includes the Redevelopment of Parks in Sagar city under Smart City Mission.      

Thus in order to enhance the recreational value of the town, Sagar Smart City Ltd. (SSCL) has identified certain parks for redevelopment under the Smart city mission. The objective is to provide attractive, safe and usable green spaces to the public at large, with special emphasis on provision for children-friendly and elderly-friendly components. These will also be effective in mitigating the urban heat island effect in the future and will be a valuable environmental resource as the town continues to grow in both size and population. These parks will improve the aesthetic value of the town as well.

  • Chandra Park, 
  • Madhukar shah Park
  • Hari Singh Gaur Park