Intelligent Traffic Management System

Under the said scheme, SSCL proposes to undertake the improving different Junctions identified by SSCL. Installation of Traffic signals, Surveillance Camera, integration of the same with police control room and command control centre. It also constitutes the proposal of strategic improvement of the overall traffic movement with an aim to reduce congestion and friction in mobility.

Project Benefits 

A pan city ICT infrastructure will support the inclusion of almost all digital assets onto a common ICCC platform, which will ensure confluence of data from multiple sources, applications, sensors, objects and people. The establishment of this project will provide high quality, reliable, cost effective infrastructure to the city administration. This project will have multi-fold benefits across the government departments and the effect will be felt by citizens.  

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Police department will have high-quality video connections allowing for a greater security and surveillance. 
  • Traffic management will be improved with automated traffic surveillance systems. Ensure safety over streets through ICT based traffic management and create Streets for All based over universal accessibility principles to support Pedestrians, Public Transport and Private vehicles in that order.