ABD Projects : Ongoing Projects

Junctions improvement

Sagar Smart City limited (SSCL) has the mandate to design and implement the Urban Development projects under the Smart City Mission in Sagar City.

Under the said scheme, SSCL proposes to undertake the improving different Junctions identified by SSCL. Urban Revitalization of Roads and Junction Improvement project focuses on the urban design of the existing road sections as per the existing typology of the prevailing activity and traffic. It also constitutes the proposal of strategic improvement of the overall traffic movement with an aim to reduce congestion and friction in mobility.

Proposed Junctions:

  • Tili Tiraha Junction, 
  • Moti Nagar Junction,
  • Rajghat Junction
  • Civil Line 

Smart Signage’s

The main objectives of the Active & Static Information System works are: 

  • To provide Active & Static Information System on different localities of the city, public places, important messages to public, places of tourist attractions within the boundaries of the city in such a way that Active & Static Information System guides the citizens, tourists and visitors to their destinations. 
  • Ensure that the establishment and existence of Active & Static Information System of in the city roads are consistent with road safety and other road and traffic objectives, and provide effective guidance in directing citizens and visitors to the city. 
  • Enhance quality of natural and cultural tourist attractions.
  • Highlight attractions and services, reinforce locations, and reassure visitors that they are travelling in the right direction and direct visitors to tourist information services.

Integrated Control and Command Center

Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) Go- Live on 24th Oct 2019.

Four state level Application (MP E- Nagar Palika, CM helpline, Automatic Building Plan Approval System and Ambulance 108) has integrated with our ICCC, Authority can monitor and analysis data through dash board for same. We can also monitor Solid waste management (VTMS) and Intelligent Traffic Management cameras feed in ICCC.